verb (T)
1 MONEY to have to pay someone for something that they have done for you or sold to you, or to have to give someone back money that they have lent you: owe sb sth: I owe my brother $50. | owe sb for sth: We still owe the garage for those repairs. | owe sth: How much do you owe?
2 STH DONE/GIVEN to feel that you should do something for someone, give someone something etc because they have done something for you or given something to you: owe sb a drink/letter etc: I'll write and tell Marie; I owe her a letter anyway. | owe sb a favour: One of the neighbours owes me a favor, I'm sure they'll take care of the cat. | I owe you one (=used when saying thank you, when they have helped you and you are willing to help them): Thanks a lot for being so understanding about all this - I owe you one! | owe sb informal (=be in a position in which someone has help you, so that you should help them): Let's go and see Joe - he owes me!
3 owe sb an explanation/apology to feel that you should give someone an explanation of why you did something, or say you are sorry: “I owe you an apology, Margaret,” he said sheepishly.
a) to have something or achieve something because of what someone else has done: owe sth to sb: Helena probably owed her rapid recovery to her husband's devoted care. | owe sb sth: I knew that I owed Shanklin my life.
b) to know that someone's help has been important to you in achieving something: owe sb a lot/owe sb a great deal: “I owe my parents a lot,” he admitted. | He owes a great deal to his publishers. | owe it all to/owe everything to: I owe it all to you. | owe sb a debt (of gratitude): the debt that we owe to our teachers
5 owe it to sb to do sth to feel you should do something for someone because they have helped you or given you support: You owe it to your supporters not to give up now.
6 owe it to yourself to do sth to feel you should try to achieve something because it is what you deserve: You owe it to yourself to take some time off.
7 GOOD EFFECT to be successful because of the good effect of something: Their success owes more to good luck than to careful management.
8 owe loyalty/allegiance etc to have a duty to obey someone: From then on English and Scottish citizens owed allegiance to the same king.
9 think that the world owes you a living to be unwilling to work in order to get things, and expect them to be provided for you

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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